Lakeview Church of the Nazarene
Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Outreach / Ministries

Lakeview sponsors several ministries to help us accomplish our mission. 

Here is a brief summary of a sampling of them. 

Group/Nursing Home Ministries 
Our Lay-led ministry to area group and nursing homes is making a
positive impact in an otherwise overlooked demographic group. 
By reaching out to those who are institutionalized, we are
seeking to obey the Lord's commission to visit the sick.
The recipients of this ministry are responding in wonderful
ways to the care they receive at the hands of our
loving volunteers.
Prison Ministry
Yet another lay-led ministry is focused on several inmates
in prisons from North Carolina to New Jersey.
This ministry is reaching into a world that is foreign to
most with the loving care and compassion of Christ.
This ministry is growing as word-of-mouth helps us to reach more and more men
and women behind bars with the message of a God Who brings "Hope in the Valley".
Recently, this ministry has expanded as our volunteers help female inmates to knit caps for
babies born in our local hospital; thus helping the ladies to realize that they have value and ability
to help others and a reason to break any self-destructive habits or patterns of behavior.
Additionally, one of Lakeview's members who was previously on the inside of
the local jail has now returned to share the way in which God has transformed his life.
Another ministry Lakeview has offered in the recent past is a ministry to the
families of those incarcerated, who are often the forgotten victims.

Local Domestic Violence Shelter
Lakeview partners with the local battered shelter by providing baskets filled
with practical household items which are helpful as families set up new living arrangements.

Church Bus Ministry
Utilizing our Church Bus, we provide transportation to and from church activities,
Sunday School and Worship to children, youth and handicapped individuals in need of the same.